Seat Cover - Stark - Varg - 2023-2024 - Basic - V1

As low as €34.90

  • 100% Cotton Infused Polyesterr
  • Rubberized Vinyl
  • Abrasion Resistant Topcoat


  1. Remover old seat cover. Staples, flick them out with a flat blade screw driver, then complete with long-nose pliers.
  2. Ensure your seat cover is at a suitable temperature, as if it's too cold, it will not stretch so well. Ideal is 70°F- 90°F (21°C -32°C). If your work area is below this, either move to a warmer area for fitting, or use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the cover.
  3. Fitting, start with the front section, or nose. Position it dead center and pop in a few staples to hold it in place. 6mm staples are best, from an air powered gun, or electric high powered.
  4. Once the front has 2-3 staples, and you're happy with the centering, pull over the back edge, get it tight and centered... pop in a few staples again. Check it's straight. Then check again.
  5. Next you can pull one side over the knee area, put in a few staples. Pull it fairly tight. Next, do the other side. Tighter. Few staples there, then, check alignment once again. If you're 'off track', simple to remove a few staples and reposition.
  6. Then you can carefully pull and staple your way to the back of the seat on each side. Check alignment as you go!
  7. It can be good to involve a second person for this, can help to obtain a better end result. As you go, of course, looking for alignment and any ripples that form. If they do, remove staples in the area, and pull harder.
  8. Stick it back on the bike and you're done! Enjoy!
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