About Us

Welcome to ScrubDesignz.

We're company born from the disillusionment from the whole graphics industry. Like you, we're a little pissed at the crap Chinese quality out there, and feel ripped off.... or just plain unhappy with bad service and communications.

ScrubDesignz strives to make a real difference in the industry by offering an absolute top quality and value for money product range.

The whole team at ScrubDesignz are efficient and very skilled professionals, ready to get your enduro, MX bike or supermoto looking amazing. Whether you're racing, or riding through the forest. This is all we do, we don't make hats, we don't make shirts. Dirt bike graphics and stickers is our thing.

ScrubDesignz, like any graphics company, we claim to use the very best materials. Yes, we do! There's no 3M in sight here. 3M, great stuff, but there are other materials specifically made for what we do. When you see it, feel it and apply it, you WILL see the difference. We take it very serious, we want you back, and your friends too. That's exactly how we operate.

Full colour vacuum sealed retail packs with very detailed fitting instructions are part of the deal. All shipments are carefully packaged to protect your order. Of course we make sure it's done carefully, we're a 100% mail order company, so we'd be out of business if we didn't get that right.

Personal service you just won't believe, we talk like we're real people, not the standard robotic crap you'll get from most business' these days. We're happy to call you to discuss, and use various means of communications such as displayed on the homepage of the website.
We're here for kick-ass custom motocross graphics, for individual riders to larger teams, we can handle your requirements.

Give us a go, you've got nothing to lose.

ScrubDesignz, kick-ass!