Graphics Kit - Kawasaki - KX 450F - 2019-2023 - SE1087 - R3

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  • Front fender
  • Fork guards
  • Front number plate or headlight mask (if applicable to your model)
  • Radiator Shrouds
  • Side panels
  • Airbox panels (depends on model/year of the motorcycle)
  • Rear fender
  • Swingarms (if applicable to your model)

WHY SCRUB Designz ?

SCRUB Designz graphics are manufactured in the European Union - Slovakia. We are using the best materials. High bond adhesive and 20 mil thick graphics will last long and they will look good. You can count on precise Graphics fit and easy installation process. Colors are accurately matched with motorcycle OEM colors and Graphics have a UV protection layer.

  • Largest European graphics company
  • KTM & Husqvarna Licensed graphics
  • Customer service is our priority
  • 20mil, 420 microns thickness
  • Tested by Professional riders
  • Fast processing time
  • Fast worldwide shipping

SCRUB Designz is the Official Graphics supplier for

  • RED BULL GAS GAS Factory Racing team in MXGP and MX2
  • NESTAAN Husqvarna MX2 Factory Racing team
  • RED BULL KTM Factory Racing in MXGP and MX2
  • KAWASAKI Factory Racing MXGP Team
  • JM HONDA Racing MXGP Team

  • We are testing our Graphics materials in the toughest possible conditions, for example, RALLY DAKAR

  • Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Rally Team
  • Husqvarna Factory Racing Rally Team
  • GASGAS Factory Racing team Rally
  • Slovnaft Rally Team
  1. First, before anything else, open the package, ensure all parts are correct for your model. Everything. Not good to get half way through and realise it's the wrong kit. Any problems, please contact us right away.
  2. Remove all old graphics or stickers. Cleaning the residue can be acomplished by the use of a contact cleaner (or painters 'prepwash)'. Harsh chemicals will damage your plastics, so test on a small area first if not sure. On new plastics, be sure to also use a contact cleaner, as you can't see it, but there is a very fine wax on new plastics. This allows them to be released from the mold at manufacturing.
  3. Fitting the graphics, we suggest you leave the plastics on your bike, when possible. It's a more solid surface to work with. DO NOT SPRAY ANYTHING ON THE ADHESIVE SIDE OF THESE GRAPHICS. Also, as much as possible, do not touch the adhesive. We recommend you start with the smaller parts first. That way you will build your confidence as you go!
  4. OK, now time to get started. Clear a nice space on your workbench. A cloth sheet layed flat is helpful, or clean flat cardboard, this is to lay the face of the graphic on, for the first step (no scratches!) Starting with a selected small part, peel back 50% of the backing paper. Carefully! Then, CUT it off, straight. From that backing paper you have in your hand... from the cut end, trim off about 10mm, then stick it carefully back onto the adhesive side of the graphic. This will leave you with a 10mm line of exposed adhesive in the center of the graphic. Right? Makes things very easy! Now you can position the graphic where you want it... then hold it in place and see if it looks right. If not, it's now easy just to remove and reposition. Once you're happy, just carefully start rolling the backing paper from the center, slowly pushing down as you peel the backing away.
  5. Complicated parts; Many later models have some very complex shapes (shrouds and side number plates, and even some rear fenders) These can be successfully completed only with great paitience. Rushing these will result in failure, every time. The method with the center adhesive strip method works best. With any parts, it's definitely possible to use light heat. Hair dryer only, don't use a heat gun or torch. These graphics are a vinyl material, so if you seem to be running off track and don't want to pull the whole graphic off, just apply a gentle heat and stretch it into place. You'll be surprised how well this works.
  6. Finally, if you have extra coverage, like the edges are 'too long', just use a small craft knife to trim. Understand, not all plastics are the same. The after market plastics can be slightly different shapes to the genuine parts. No problems, just so you know!
  7. Once completed, it's strongly recommended to park your bike for 48 hours, in a consistent temperature. Think of the graphic adhesive as paint. It's going to have a chemical reaction now it's attached to the plastic. It need time to do this for best adhesion, so please allow this.

Graphics parts are always available, any part you may damage, we can supply. In most cases we can supply plastics parts as well. Contact us and SCRUB Team will help you.


All graphics kits are made specifically according to the order. The production of graphics kit takes a maximum of 48 hours and shipped via Courier afterwards. Tracking number is provided by sms and email.


Please give us a feedback, after you receive your order. We appreciate every feedback either good or bad. We will do everything to make every customer happy with the purchase on SCRUB Designz store.

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