Honda CR 125 - 250 Polisport Restyle - 2022

Honda CR 125 - 250 Polisport Restyle - 2022

Honda CR 125 – 250 from 2002-2007 now can be updated with new generation of Polisport Restyle plastics based on CRF 450R 2021-2023 plastics shapes. It’s very popular way how to update look of those older motorcycles.








The main difference between OEM look and Restyle is the look of the palstics. The most important thing is that you don’t have to adjust a single thing on your motorcycle. All mounting points are the same. Everything you get from us will fit straight on your motorcycle. You can keep original fuel tank, seat, subframe. So, even for people with no technical experience, it will be easy to install these plastics on the motorcycle.

If you are curious what’s in the box.
Front fender
Fork guards - actualy same as OEM style
Front plate – with small bracket included
Side plates with Black matte inserts
Rear fender.

Restyle plastics are available in 4 different colors, standard OEM Red, White, Black and Grey

Its very important, that new Restyle plastics kit require special graphics made for exact shapes fo plastics. CRF graphics for standard 250, 450 models will not fit! We already offer big range of graphics on our website. You can customize them and choose your name or race number, or we can design custom graphics for you.

Now, you can order graphics already fitted on the plastics. Let the professionals apply graphics for you without bubbles, stress or any additional costs for reprints. Everything will arrive in one box ready to go.

JM RACING 22 LE with black plastics
JM RACING 22 ST with red plastics
SE1064 LE with red plastics
SE10118 R2 with grey plastics
NEART R1 with white plastics