Stefan Svitko tested SCRUB graphics at the Dakar Rally


Before gaining recognition on the international stage - 2nd place at the Dakar Rally 2016, Svitko was already a hero back home in Slovakia. Now, Stefan Svitko is an inspiration for lots of Slovak riders. Not only Stefan and his fans are proud of him. We, in SCRUBdesignz, are pleased also with durability of our graphics he has been using.

Stefan Svitko`s biggest lifelong dream had been participation at the Dakar Rally, what he accomplished in 2010. He finished an impressive 13th. And six years later, he stepped much forward! As part of his preparations for the Dakar, Svitko took part in various rallies. He is a three-times European title holder in national champion of enduro. A major factor in his sporting career has been the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro). In his last appearance at the event – Slovakia 2015 – Svitko took his nation into the top 10. However, he considered himself as a regular top 10 rider. Then he won in Tunisia Rally in 2013 and he started to be considered as a real challenger.

Last year, we have agreed on cooperation with Stefan and we have taken care of his bike`s graphics so he looks great and representative in the eyes of his fans. And what are the results? The graphics under his knees had endured strong!

His last and very recent achievement was in Marrocan Merzouga Rally, where he won 2nd place, again.