How to install dirt bike graphics


You've got a brand new dirt bike graphics kit for your beast? Great! Now the most funniest part comes! We wrote down fitting instruction you should go by. If you don`t want to screw it up, follow our instructions point by point.


Before anything, check fitment of your graphics against your bike. Every part, if any problems, emails us BEFORE you go any further. We're fast, so get to it, with all the details of your order. If you have any other questions about how to install dirt bike graphics, no matter how silly it may seem, write us, we're here to help. Seriously!

1. Remove old graphics or stickers. Removing old glues or adhesive can be best achieved by using petrol (gas), lightly applied by brush. It breaks down the chemicals in the glues and can wash away after a few minutes. You may have to do this a few times to clear it all away. Then get into your usual wash with detergents, make your plastics super clean like you never have before. Final clean with a grease free cleaner, then do not touch the plastic/metal surfaces with your fingers.


2. To apply your dirt bike graphics, we believe it is easier to leave the plastics on the bike as this provides a solid 'work bench'. DO NOT SPRAY WATER OR ANYTHING ON THE ADHESIVE SIDE OF THE GRAPHIC! We recommend starting the fitting of your graphics on a small part of your bike, like swing arms, or guards, to get a 'feel' of how the graphics go on. First, peel the backing paper back about 10 cm, fold it right back and crease the paper. Then lay the graphic on the applicable part of your bike. Lightly press this into place. Then check the alignment of the rest of the graphic, look right? Check mounting holes and vents. Understand there is a degree of flex in the graphic and if you do go 'off course', you can pull the graphic back into line, or even apply gentle heat from a hair dryer. (not heat gun!) Once everything looks like it's in alignment, start pulling the backing paper out from the back side of the graphic. Gently smooth the graphic on ensuring you have no bubbles in there. Take your time, if you rush this job, it's going to end up a mess.

3. Pay special attention to the edges. These are the first areas where graphics typically fail. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side of the graphics, as best you can. Once the graphic is fully applied, push the everything down, especially the edges, firmly. We recommend using a soft cloth rather than your fingers.

4. If your kit includes number plate backgrounds, there is no magic trick. It's a matter of simply taking your time. Use hairdryer heat if you need to. Some models are made with almost impossible curves, however we test all we make, so they will fit. It is sometimes recommended to slit the graphic in order to make it fit, if it makes it easier for you, you'll get a better finish.

5. Once all is complete, park your bike. 48 hours is good. More is better. Try to keep the bike in a steady temperature range. Recommended is 20 Deg. C. (68 Deg F.) of more if possible will ensure the best results.

6. You have now installed your dirt bike graphics like the professionals. With a little patience, there is not an application issue that cannot be overcome. Go impress your friends, and don't forget to send us some images! We'll put your bike up on our website gallery, make you famous!

Remember if at any time you damage any parts of your graphics following crashes, just email us with the details, and images and we can offer replacement parts, fast.